About aiScarecrow
aiScarecrow Technologies is an AgriTech startup that leverages on the use of technology to control pest. Currently the startup focuses on cereal crop protection helping cereal farmers cut losses to pest birds by 90-95% and saving an average of 8-10 hours of valuable time daily which would have rather been used in the bird scaring exercise.
This startup was born out of the Kosmos Innovation center Agritech Challenge (KIC), an initiative of Kosmos Energy designed to orient and nurture young entrepreneurs into ceasing opportunities in the agricultural value chain.
Our solution to the menace of pest birds consuming the crop of cereal farmers involves the use of an intelligent system that deals directly with the natural fear instincts of the birds hence minimizing the risk of habituation by them which happens to be the case with the conventional methods of bird scaring. aiscarecrow Technologies is a crop protection company that leverages on the power of technology to preserve cereal crops from consumption by pest birds.
Vision: to become the leading crop protection company in sub-Saharan Africa.
Mission: to provide high quality eco-friendly pest control services at competitive prices using innovative technology and giving exceptional value to our customers.
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